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General Manager, Gary Thorpe,
at ease in Studio One
Broadcasts Manager, Howard Ainsworth, interviewing Queensland Governor, Quentin Bryce
Education & Arts Minister, Rod Welford (left), with John Farrell
at the establishment of the John
Farrell Trumpet Scholarship
Assistant to the General Manager, Anne Powell, taking five in the carpark
Jazz presenter, Sarah Collyer
in Studio One
Program Guide editor,
Wendy Lang
Broadcasts Manager, Howard Ainsworth, with Music Lover's Choice guest, guitarist Karin Schaupp 
"Charlie Chaplin" on the bus waiting to depart for Pomona to enjoy the Charlie Chaplin Film Festival - another 4MBS Classic Adventure
A pensive "Charlie Chaplin" - actor, Tama Matheson
Broadcasts Manager, Howard Ainsworth, between
announcements in Studio One
Students in the 2006 Adult Radio Course receiving expert guidance from tutor, Richard Austin
Undecided That's strange - I'm SURE
it was working yesterday
Barry Roberts in full flight during
one of his very popular Music Appreciation Courses in the 4MBS Performance Studio
Surprised The chaos out of which emerges the 4MBS ClassicFM web site
Assistant to the General Manager, Anne Powell, about to fix the photocopier while Program Guide Editor, Wendy Lang, thinks about the print shop down the road
Innocent Who? . . . ME?
Announcer, Robyn Frost, with two students from the 2005/06 Junior Radio Course
Announcer & tutor, Chadwick Palmer, with a student in the 2005/06 Junior Radio Course
Students at the 2006 Intermediate
Radio Course
Soprano, Anita Parakh-Morgan,
and tenor, Jack Morgan, in a presentation of The Room at the Performance Studio
New volunteer cataloguer & library supervisor, Wallace Moorhouse
Composer, announcer & programmer, Colin Brumby
Drivetime announcer, John Forbes
Three legends of Brisbane radio
(from left) - Howard Ainsworth,
Peter Weston & Geoffrey Turner
Celebrating live in Studio One
on the occasion of Geoffrey Turner's last presentation of The Village Music Hour
Veteran Village Music Hour host, Geoffrey Turner, in Studio One

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